Terms and conditions of hire

Contents of hire

  • Sanitised kits will sometimes contain brand new items which may need to be prepped by washing. You will be informed accordingly.
  • Sanitised items will either go through a dilute bleach soak or be heated to at least 65°C. 
  • Excellent Condition Used Nappies will arrive with no damage; good elastics, intact waterproofing, sticky velcro, no stains or smells. Nappies may have light bobbling or gentle wear to velcro. Nappies have been stripped and sanitised to high standards.
  • Contents of your pack will be the same as advertised at the time of booking, if anything is to change in this kit we will inform you prior to delivering the kit.
  • All kits will contain a mixture of block colours and prints, all of which unisex. We can not guarantee which prints or colours you will get. Kit photos are an example of what your kit may look like.


  • All deliveries will be made personally.
  • If a kit is currently available, we will aim to get it to you within 7 working days of purchase, any delays will be communicated.
  • We will need your home address, not business or PO box, you will be notified when the kit will be delivered.
  • In the event that a delivery cannot be made in the expected time, you will be notified accordingly.

Hire Period and return of kit

  • Hire period will start from when you receive the hire pack.
  • You can extend the hire, just get in contact to discuss your request
  • The hire kit will need to be prepared for collection by the pre agreed-end date.
  • The kits may be collected personally or you may opt to drop it off yourself.
  • You may be charged €5 per late day until the items are ready for collection or returned to us.


By paying your deposit, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of hire including:

  • Washing used nappies at least every 3 days (can be extended as long as a 40 degree daily prewash cycle is done)
  • Not to use fabric softeners on the nappies 
  • Not to wash nappies with any dark coloured clothing items
  • Not to wash nappies over 60 degrees
  • Keep your home smoke free during hire
  • Inform us of any lost or damaged items as soon as possible
  • Your deposit is refundable at the end of your hire period given that your kit is returned on-time, in full, and is in ‘good condition’.
  • For any part of the hire kit returned badly damaged or missing, full retail price will be deducted


  • If you change your mind after booking but before the pack is delivered you will be eligible for a full refund.
  • Once you have received the hire kit, no refunds can be given except in cases of stillbirth of SIDS.
  • If you find any nappy you have received is not in excellent condition, contact us and we will swap  the item.  

‘Good condition’ of returned items

  • All items must be clean and properly dry before return. 
  • Please remove fluff, hair and lint from Velcro.
  • Some light staining is normal and will not affect your deposit being refunded
  • Excessive staining, especially dye transfer or things other than poo, strong smells, or unwashed nappies will result in some or all of your deposit being retained by us for the purpose of extra laundering/ nappy replacement.
  • If one or more nappies are not returned or are damaged due to ill treatment, you will be charged the full retail value for replacement
  • If the deposit is not enough to cover damage or missing items, you will be sent an invoice which must be paid within one week. 
  • Terms and conditions are updated regularly and subject to change