Patatini Cloth Wipe Solution



Our hand made beautiful, eco friendly cloth wipe solution. Made to make using cloth wipes easy and fun. Scented with gentle lavender and color-free. Freshly made on order!

Each jar of our cloth wipe solution contains 20 eco friendly pods made with natural, cold processed castille soap, coconut oil and lavender essential oil.

  • – Vegan friendly
  • – Safe for babies delicate bums
  • – Great for cleaning up messy hands and faces
  • – Gently cleanses and moisturizes
  • – SLS and paraben free
  • – Palm oil free
  • – Cruelty free

Everything you receive is recyclable and reusable.

Simply mix 1 pod with 1 L of water. This should be enough to dampen 25-30 cloth wipes.


100% Natural Cold Processed Soap, aqua, coconut oil, lavender essential oil.



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