Newborn cloth nappy hire kit

How it works

You have the option to hire newborn cloth nappies for either part time or full time use.

The part time kit consists of 11 nappies plus 6 extra soakers to use as needed. This is great way to sample cloth nappies while still getting used to life with your newborn. There are roughly enough nappies for 1-1.5 days.

The full time kit consists of a minimum of 22 nappies with a mixture of pocket nappies and all in twos with extra soakers and bamboo boosters to total 34 nappy changes, plus paper liners to use as required, a few Cheeky wipes cloth wipes a nappy bucket and laundry net. If opting for the full time kit you can ask for the swap kit once your baby is starting to grow out of the Close Parent newborn cloth nappies.

The kits contain newborn cloth nappies from Close pop in and Baba & Boo, this already will give you an idea of what nappy type you prefer. The kit also includes a few Cheeky wipes.

Full time newborn cloth nappy hire kit
Full time newborn nappy kit

Hire duration

Short term hire is for 4 weeks

Long term hire is for 12 weeks

A €100 deposit is applicable. This will be refunded upon return of nappies in good condition. 

Newborn nappy kit


Full-time kit
Short term hire (4 weeks): €50
Long term hire (12 weeks): €100 (only recommended for very small or premature babies)

Part time kit
Short term hire (4 weeks): €25

Deposit: €100 refundable – this will be refunded once the kit is received back in good condition. The refunded amount may be reduced in case of any damaged or missing items.

Extension fee: €10 per week


You can opt to have your newborn cloth nappy kit delivered 1 week before baby’s due date or once you return from hospital after baby is born. Upon delivery we will explain how each nappy is used and how to care for the nappies. 

If the kit was delivered before baby was born the hire period will start from baby’s birthday, whereas if the kit was delivered after baby’s birth the hire period will start on delivery.

Should you wish to cancel your hire kit before delivery, a full refund will be given. Once your hire kit has been delivered, the hire fee cannot be refunded except in cases of stillbirth/SIDS


The nappies must ready for collection on the last day of the hire period. They must be returned clean with lint free Velcro and not damaged. Do not worry if the nappies appear stained. This is common with breastfed poo and stains can easily removed by drying nappies in the sun. It is very important to follow the washing instructions given with the kit to avoid damaging the nappies. We do expect a degree of wear and tear, but excessive or deliberate damage will result in part or all the deposit being kept to cover the cost of a replacement. It is very important to use only non-bio powder detergent and not to use bleach, sanitizers or fabric conditioner.


Since there is limited availability you should send an email on [email protected] or WhatsApp Lucia on +356 9911 5577 to check availability. Following this we will fix the delivery date and discuss your preferred method of payment. Payment can by made via Revolut mobile, PayPal or cash.