Birth-to-potty cloth nappy hire kits

Our Birth to Potty Nappies
Example of a part time Birth to Potty cloth nappy kit

Birth to potty cloth nappy hire kit to get you started!

A mixture of day and night nappies and wraps plus boosters, fleece and paper liners and cloth wipes to use as required. In addition, each kit comes with a wet bag or nappy bucket and laundry mesh bag. The kit contains a variety of different brands and styles to find what works for you, including some or all of:

Baba and Boo, Bare and Boho, Little Lamb, Tots bots, La Petite Ourse, Bambooty, EcoPipo, Bambino Mio, Kit and Kin, Tickle Tots, Bambino Mio, Petite Lulu, Charlie Banana and Close pop in.

You may ask to have more girly or boyish prints although, most nappies are gender neutral.

Designed to fit from 10lbs-35lbs.

Hire Duration

Short term hire: 1 week

Long term hire: 4 weeks


KitShort term hire priceLong term hire priceDeposit*
Mini kit (5 nappies) €20 €40 €50
Part-time kit (12 changes) €25 €50 €100
Full time kit (20 changes) €30 €60 €100

* The deposit will be fully refunded once the kit is received back in good condition. The full retail price will be reduced in the case of any damaged or missing items.

Extension fee: €10 per week for all kits


The nappies must ready for collection on the last day of the hire period. The nappies must be returned clean with lint free Velcro and not damaged. It is very important to follow the washing instructions given with the kit to avoid damaging the nappies. We do expect a degree of wear and tear, but excessive or deliberate damage will result in part or all the deposit being kept to cover the cost of a replacement, likewise, if any item from the kit are found to be missing, part of the deposit will be kept to cover a replacement. It is very important to use only non-bio powder detergent and not to use bleach, sanitizers or fabric conditioner.


Since kits are limited, you should send an email on [email protected] or message/call Lucia on +356 9911 5577 to check availability. Following this we will fix the delivery date and discuss your preferred method of payment. Payment can by made via Revolut mobile, PayPal or cash.

If you wish to cancel your hire kit before delivery, a full refund will be given. Once your hire kit has been delivered, the hire fee cannot be refunded except in cases of stillbirth/SIDS