I started using cloth nappies with my eldest daughter when she was around 1 year old. As a first time mum, I remember being so confused as what to buy and from where. This was 2018, so to my knowledge, there weren’t even any cloth nappy shops in Malta back then. All I knew was that I was fed up of throwing away bag after bag of used disposable nappies. So I ended up buying a full kit of Little Lamb one size nappies, which I used for my daughter until she potty trained a little before she turned two.

Fast forward to 2021 and I was pregnant with my second daughter. I knew that the one size nappies I had would be too big to fit a newborn, so I went ahead and bought a full stash of Close Parent newborn nappies, so I definitely won’t have to use disposables for any long extent. So it turned out that my second daughter grew very quickly and managed to outgrow all her newborn nappies by the time she was around 4 weeks old. This left me in a pickle, as she was too big for her newborn nappies, but still too small for the one size nappies I had. Which meant that I needed, you guessed it, MORE NAPPIES.

This experience has made me realize that if I had a little more first hand experience with cloth nappies before buying them, I would have only gone for the brands which I really, really loved, and the sizes that I really, really needed. This inspired me to start up a business hiring out excellent condition second hand nappies to help Maltese mums make the best decisions when buying nappies for their babies. Since the business is still in its inception we currently only have 3 nappy hire kits, 1 full kit for newborns and 2 smaller kits for those that just want to dip their toes, before committing. I hope that over time it can expand to include larger and even more varied kits.

Hope to speak to you soon and hep you in starting your cloth nappy adventure!

Lucia 🙂