Patatini: Cloth Nappy Hire Malta

If you’re new to cloth nappies, or are just wondering whether cloth is right for you and your baby, you may be feeling confused and overwhelmed. With so many different brands, nappy types and styles, it’s no surprise. We are here to share our knowledge (and nappies) with you, to give you the best chance at long term success with cloth nappies.

We are a mum-run reusable cloth nappy library offering the hire of cloth nappies in Malta. Our aim is to promote the use of cloth nappies and wipes by allowing parents and caregivers to try them before buying. We offer the hire of nappy kits for the newborn period as well as trial kits to those interested in trying different kinds of cloth nappies before committing to a purchase of their own. We also support parents before, during and after their hire period.

What we offer

We offer a variety of different cloth nappy hire options including:

Birth to Potty Kits (>4.5 kg)

Our Birth to Potty Kits are designed to help you experience using cloth nappies for yourself. They all contain a wide variety of cloth nappy brands and types so that you can get a good sense of what nappies work for you and your baby. There is no ‘perfect’ cloth nappy, everyone has their own preference. The only way you can learn what you love is by trying nappies out for yourself.

We have both full time (20-25 changes) and part time kits (12 changes) that can be hired for short term (1 week) or long term (1 month).

Our Birth to Potty cloth nappies
Some of our newborn nappies

Newborn kits

We have two newborn kits, one intended for very small babies up to 5 kg (34 changes) and another for newborns up to 8 kg (22 changes). It is possible to start off with the small newborn kit then swap it with the large newborn kit. In this way you can have the best possible fit for your baby. If you would like to try cloth nappies part time, you can book half a kit.

Newborn hires are longer than the Birth-to-Potty hires. Short term loans last 1 month and long term loans last 3 months. Part-time kits can be hired for 1 month.

Mini kit

A smaller version of our Birth to-Potty cloth nappy hire kits. These contain 5 nappies including at least one of each the following:

  • All-in-one
  • All-in-two
  • Pocket nappy
  • Fitted nappy

Mini kits can be hired for a period of one week.

Night Nappy Kit

A selection of our most absorbent nappies for you to try for night time. This kit can be hired for 1 week.


All our kits come with cloth wipes, paper liners and a wet bag or nappy bucket as well as extra soakers, boosters and fleece liners as required.


We use both new and pre-loved nappies in our kits. All nappies are washed and sanitized in between hires to very high standards. All nappies are free of stinks and stains and in great condition. On delivery we will provide a one on one explanation of how to best make use of the kits and answer any questions you may have.

We currently provide free delivery of our cloth nappy kits across Malta, should you wish to have delivery to Gozo, this will come at an extra cost.